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Although we keep hearing and reading criticisms about people who live a routine life with no specific changes, there are still not many people who experience huge changes in their lives. Most people in this world live a conventional life. They go to school, then university, then they find a job and get married and form a family. And all of those critics of such ordinary lifestyle, only suggest minor changes for breaking the routine. For example, they may recommend you to change your diet or listen to a happy song in the morning. But does anyone recommend you to rethink your ideologies, and see if it is not working properly for you, then think about a new set of ideas?! Some people in the world are brave enough to see if the present ideology is not working well for them, then they search and find a better one; people who embrace Islam as their new religion are amongst those. Becoming a Muslim could be a long process in one’s life, and it will definitely have huge consequences for the convert person. Converts will have to let go of the past routine life and go through different experiences in all aspects of their lives such as friendship, job, family and the whole lifestyle. In this short text, we will only point out one of the major changes that married converts may experience; what happens to their marriage if one of the spouses converts to Islam. But before directly going to the main topic, let’s see what the rules of marriage in Islamic jurisprudence are?