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09/17/2018 Root

The Linguistic Miracle of the Quran

The Quran is widely recognised as a miraculous book, for the unique style and presentation of the arabic language. As muslims worldwide know, the words and surahs contained in the Quran can only have come from Allah. Unlike other religious texts, the Quran famously issues a challenge to all mankind to try and produce even one Surah just like it. To date, nobody has been able to meet the challenge, even though many have tried. To a native English speaker, this challenge sounds like it can easily be met, especially if they have read an English translation of the Quran. But the arabic language is so unique and powerful, that only after they study and learn it will they realise the great difficulty (and impossibility) of ever producing a surah which can rival that of those contained in the Quran. The team at Linguistic Miracle have produced an excellent document which goes into great detail explaining how the Quran is a true linguistic miracle. It covers the arabic language, the Quran, and also the aforementioned challenge contained in the Quran. The document goes into a high level of detail, and it must be mentioned that having even a small knowledge of the arabic language will be a great advantage in understanding all the concepts they present. However, if you do not know any arabic, there will still be sections which will provide you with valuable knowledge of the Quran and arabic language. You will learn the conciseness of the language, and the wide range of amazing literary effects the language has had the potential of producing, as well as finding out how the pure root definitions, placement of words, and the intertwining of passages contributes to the special nature of the Quran. The non-arabic speaker will be able to develop a greater appreciation of the Quranic text, as it is explained how the arabic words are presented to involve the use of sounds when recited, which adds dramatic effects for the listener, and can make it seem like they are watching a movie instead of reading or listening to a book. The effects are accurately explained by Arthur J. Arberry, who exclaimed “Whenever I hear the Quran chanted, it is as though I am listening to Music, – words are recited to give meaning ike rain splashing and noises underneath the flowing melody there is sounding… insistent beat of a drum, it is like the beating of my heart.” The final section of this important presentation covers the challenge issued by Allah to produce a surah like those in the Quran. Firstly it provides an outline for what the potential challenger is expected to produce, and secondly gives examples of those who have attempted the challenge, and provides an in-depth evaluation of their work and why they failed in the task. We highly recommend that all muslims take a look at the Linguistic Miracle presentation, as they are sure to gain even a small amount of beneficial knowledge from it. To conclude, we will reproduce a list of what you can expect to learn from their sections on arabic and the Quran, and finish that with an inspiring quote from ibn Kathir, which provides a glimpse of what you are about to learn.