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The Islamic Society of Victoria (ISV) is a community organisation with the vision of providing Islamic services to the Muslims of Victoria and to provide the wider Australian community a better understanding of Islam. Through these services, the ISV plays an important role in enhancing the interfaith and social cohesive landscape of Victoria. The ISV is well known in establishing one of the first large scale Mosque in 1975, led by the late Sheikh Fehmi Naji El-Imam, who was appointed as Grand Mufti of Australia from 2007 to 2011.



Our Services

Umar bin El-Khattab Mosque

The first large scale mosque in Victoria that serves over 800 people per day over the course of the five daily prayers. The Friday Congregational Prayer alone has over 1000 people alone.

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Islamic Weekend School

The ISV runs an Islamic School on Saturdays. The school has been operating for many years. It focuses on the Arabic language and providing Islamic Education to children in the community.

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Mosque Tours

Mosques are the heartbeat of the Muslim community. A place for Muslims to meet one another daily to perform the prayers, and a safe place to conduct other acts of worship and activities beneficial for Muslim community,

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Islamic Funeral Services

One of the most difficult times that we have to face is the devastating period we go through when someone very dear and precious is no longer with us. The feelings of bereavement and deprivation overcome us

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